Edipsos - Evia Greece

The island of Evia is the second largest in Greece, and offers a perfect destination for travel throughout the year. With easy access to the mainland, Evia is an island that has much to offer visitors, and is a place of exceptional natural beauty and charm.

Edipsos - Evia Greece

The northern region of Evia is considered by many to be the most beautiful part of the island, with beautiful landscapes, green rich forests, sandy golden beaches, and many fascinating sights, places of interest and areas of immense natural beauty.

Whether you are simply looking for a destination for a weekend break, or one for a long rewarding holiday, then the northern region of Evia is the ideal place for you.

It is here in North Evia that you will find the famous "spa" town of Edipsos ( Aidipsos ). The town of Edipsos is one of great charm and it attracts visitors from all over Greece, as well as the rest of the world. Edipsos is famous throughout Greece for the natural hot spas that are found here.

These healing waters have been known about since ancient times, and legend tells of Hercules bathing in the spa waters after battle to rejuvinate himself. Other famous visitors who have visited Edipsos for these special spas include Winston Churchill, Onasis and Maria Callas. There are many hotels in the town who offer a wide range of spa and therapeutical services to their guests.

The town of Edipsos is well developed for tourism, and you will find an excellent selection of accommodation, as well as restaurants and tavernas, cafe bars and many other places of interest. The town makes an ideal base from which you can venture out and explore some of the surrounding areas of Northern Evia.

Edipsos and North Evia in general is ideal for visiting throughout the year. Each season brings with it a new landscape and colours. This part of the island truly is blessed, and is one that you will enjoy a truly rewarding and unique experience whenever you decide to visit.

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